What if the purpose of school was to guide children to change the world?

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Our mission is to guide each child to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can find a calling and change the world.

A transformative education

Acton Academy Waco joins a growing network of Acton Academy Schools worldwide. We join teams in Wisconsin, Chicago, Toronto, Houston and London who won the right to open a new wave of Acton Academies to build on the success of the original Acton Academy in Austin, Texas . Watch a video about how Acton is transforming education.

A school for the 21st century

Why we're starting an Acton

A letter from Kristina Baucom, Parent and Founder of Acton Academy Waco.

Travis and I joined the educational revolution by opening Acton Academy Waco. Why? Because we want a better future for our children!

We believe changes are needed in the educational system to better prepare the next generation of world leaders. We know there are better ways to empower children to create their own successful journeys in today’s economy. But, how would we contribute in making this happen? We knew we wanted to create a learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, imagination and exploration.

We came to know about Acton Academy’s approach to learning. Acton Academy is launching the next generation of world leaders who will impact the world in meaningful ways. We’re thrilled to bring this unique educational experience to Waco, Texas, and hope you and your children will join us in our journey towards a more inspiring future.

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